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Find out what ETUTSA means, and why we chose the owl as our company emblem.

Workshops Offered

Introduction to Decision-Making Management

This one day workshop introduces the 'how', 'what', and 'when' of decision making to empower you to make solid, quality decisions to obtain the fastest project results in the shortest amount of time while potentially reducing the day-to-day headaches!
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Resistance to Resilience:
Changing into a Decision-Making Environment


Did you know that in a recent global survey of 30,000 individuals, 75% feel that once they have made a decision, it is second-guessed in the organization?
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The Decision Making Toolkit
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Smart buying for the hard & soft results you want to achieve.
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Can you afford not to be an astute decision-maker?

ETUTSA is a decision-making management company that helps organizations make a better decision before buying. With our 3D Analysis framework, we can empower you with better decision criteria to identify both the financial and intangible benefits.

Smart decision-making on your next product or service investment could mean achieving the best results in the shortest amount of time…bridging critical information to stakeholders to prevent those costly mistakes and headaches before they can happen.

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